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At Hanlon Well Drilling and Plumbing we stick to using Wellxtrol pressure tanks as they have a proven track record as industry leaders, having been one of the first to manufacture this style of water pressure tank. Wellxtrol water pressure tanks are backed by a 7 year warranty when installed by a licensed professional. The two most common pressure tank models are explained in the content below.



Stand Model Water Pressure Tanks

Wellxtrol – By Amtrol


Stand model water pressure tanks come in various sizes that are selected on a cases to cases basis. There are multiple factors that go into choosing the size of water pressure tank for each individual system and well output. Factors including; size of the home or building being supplied, well output, application of the well, water usage, etc. The storage capacity of a water pressure tank will determine how often the pump will have to refill the tank and how long the pump will be running for. These water pressure tanks work in conjunction with basic and advanced pump models, a water pressure switch senses when the tank is getting to the low end of the pressure cycle, then engages the power supply to the pump, thus drawing water from the well. Once the pressure tank is back to the high end of the cycle it will disengage the power supply. This cycle provides a pressurized storage supply for the building.

The following table indicates our most common sized pressure tanks used for residential and commercial pressure systems. Each model comes in a specific diameter and height profile which is of importance when retrofitting or replacing a pressure tank, as the existing plumbing usually dictates the pressure tank footprint. The storage capacity of each pressure tank is also listed to give an idea of how much storage capacity each pressure tank has. For more information please click the following link: Wellxtrol


Model Size Diameter Height Connection
WX-202 20.0 Gal 15″ 32″ 1″
WX-203 32.0 Gal 15″ 47″ 1″
WX-250 44.0 Gal 22″ 36″ 1-1/4″
WX-251 62.0 Gal 22″ 47″ 1-1/4″
WX-302 86.0 Gal 26″ 47″ 1-1/4″
WX-350 119.0 Gal 26″ 62″ 1-1/4″




Inline Model Water Pressure Tanks (Constant Pressure)

Wellxtrol – By Amtrol


Inline models work in conjunction with constant pressure pumps (such as the Grundfos SQE pump). These pressure tanks are meant to act as a buffer for a pressure sensor, allowing the sensor to detect a drop in pressure before communicating with the pump to call for water. Without an inline pressure tank there would be an immediate drop in pressure until the pump engaged. Constant pressure pumps provide an on demand pressure service, meaning that the second a tap is turned on the pump will engage and provide a continuous stream of water directly from the well. This is a compact system that is usually mounted to a wall, the pressure tanks are very small and easily replaced if there is an issue or a greater demand for water.

The following table provides a list of the most common tanks used in our area. The tank size is noticeably smaller than the stand model pressure tanks, and are sized according to pump size and water supply demand.

Model Size Diameter Height Connection
WX-101 2 Gal 8″ 13″ 3/4″
WX-102 4.4 Gal 11″ 15″ 3/4″
WX-103 7.6 Gal 11″ 22″ 3/4″


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