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Water treatment is essential to maintaining a quality drinking water source for your home and family. The quality of water in a water well can change day to day or season to season, that is where your household water treatment comes into play. The Ontario Ministry of Environment suggest testing your well water at least 3 times a year to ensure your drinking water is free from harmful bacteria or viruses. The remainder of the time you want to be confident any changes in the water are met with the appropriate actions before the water makes it to your faucets. The best way of doing this is to get your water tested at the source to determine what water treatment is best suited for your particular water well.

Our Water Well Technicians install water treatment that will remove iron, sulfur, water hardness, foul odours and taste, as well as bacteria and viruses. Each water filtration unit we install has a particular function, meaning multiple water filters may be needed to ensure top quality water. The following is a list of products that we believe fulfill and exceed our expectations.

Spin Down Filters

Usually the first water filter installed after your pressure system, spin down water filters will stop large debris that may clog any treatment that follows. These water filters come with a clear casing so that you can visually monitor the status of the filter inside. The filters are essentially a screen with different mesh sizes to capture debris and let water pass through with very little restriction. The larger the number on the filter the smaller the holes. There is a ball valve located at the bottom of the filter housing that can connect to a drain line to easily drain any debris caught in the water filter.

Iron Filters

To remove high concentrations of iron in your water supply iron filters are recommended. An iron filters follow a three step process; oxidation, filtration and backwash. Oxidation – using an oxidant allows for the contaminant to clump together or settle in order to be properly filtered, once the iron deposits are grouped together the filtration process is able to begin efficiently. Filtration – The water then flows through a media product inside the iron filter housing that collects iron and other minerals, similar to a strainer. Backwash – After a set amount of time the iron filter will start a backwash cycle which forcefully removes all of the iron deposits and minerals from the tank through a drain.

Sizing iron filters for water output need and application is made easy with the vast amount of models made available by our suppliers. We can size iron filters based on the amount of water being consumed and the concentration of unwanted minerals in the water. We have years of experience treating the water in Southern Ontario, the following is a list of recommended models that preform the best in this area.



Iron Breaker III

By Charger Water Treatment Products

The Iron Breaker III uses a natural oxidization method to help eliminate iron, sulfur, and manganese from your water. The pre installed media in this model has the following benefits.


  • Filters down to 5 microns
  • Removes suspended iron, manganese and turbidity (water cloudiness)
  • Chemical free
  • Tested and approved by the Water Quality Association


Tank Diameter Cubic Feet Service Flow GPM Backwash
9″ .75 3-4 5
10″ 1 5-7 7
12″ 1.5 7-12 10
13″ 2 8-14 12
14″ 3 10-18 15



Water Softeners

The purpose of a water softener is to remove hard materials from your water supply, most commonly calcium and magnesium. If your water has a high concentration of these minerals it can result in buildup of deposits in your faucets, fixtures and supply pipes, as well as eat away the chrome finish on taps. Hard water can be the cause of dry and itchy skin, dry or damaged hair, and hard water mixed with soap can cause a sticky soap residue that can coat your skin. Ion exchange is the most common method used for removing the water hardness from the water supply. Through this method the hard water is ran through a resin bead media that is saturated with sodium, the calcium and magnesium attach to the media at the same time the sodium is released in exchange. There are some salt-free options available as well, the salt -free options are generally more expensive. We are able to size the appropriate water softener for your specific application by taking a hard water measurement and applying that number to the amount of water being consumed on a daily bases.

The City of Guelph and City of Waterloo has made the following website available to their residents: Water Softener Facts



Fleck Series Water Softeners

By Pentair

There are a wide variety of water softeners available to the industry for various applications, all of which we can have delivered and installed by our professionals. The following models are our most common installation requests for our area of service.

5600 Model Water Softeners

Basic residential model with a manual knob that allows the user to set the regeneration cycle.


  • 20 GPM continuous flow rate
  • 7 GPM backwash rate
  • Simple, user friendly mechanical design
  • 2 valve body designs – one for downflow regeneration the other for upflow
  • Timer designed with 3/8″ heavy plastic gears
  • Injector/drain modules with removable brine valve, flow controls, and injector
  • Economical – small annual power consumption (single motor)



5600 SXT Model Water Softeners

LCD display residential model, with programmable regeneration cycles and treatment options.


  • 20 GPM continuous flow rate
  • 7 GPM backwash rate
  • Fully adjustable 3 or 5 cycle control for efficient treatment
  • Super capacitor for keeping time and program memory during power loss
  • LCD display alternates time, volume remaining or days until regeneration
  • Hydraulically-balanced piston for service and regeneration



7000 SXT Model Water Softeners

The 7000 SXT model is designed for residential or light commercial applications, provides a greater water volume output than the 5600 models.


  • 28 GPM continuous flow rate
  • 7GPM backwash rate
  • Fully adjustable 3 or 5 cycle control for efficient treatment
  • Super capacitor for keeping time and program memory during power loss
  • Designed with double backwash to reduce hardness leakage
  • Soft water refill for cleaner brine tank



UV Light Systems (Ultra Violet)

UV Light Systems were designed to be the last line of defence before the water supply enters a homes plumbing system. The UV light kills up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses depending on the system. A UV light system should have clear water running through it in order to ensure the UV light is able to make it through the water and kill any unwanted particles, if there is an abundance of turbidity in the water it can effect how well the UV light performs. Therefore, a UV System is generally installed after all other treatment. There are many UV light systems available at an affordable price on the market designed for personal residential properties. Water well quality can change with the season, for instance spring runoff can cause filtration layers in the ground to become overwhelmed and force water through at a fast pace thus reducing contact time in these filtration zones. For this reason a lot of people are differing to these UV light systems to prevent contaminants from entering a home water supply, as there is no guarantee that a well will always provide the same quality of water. Almost all public facilities are required to have a UV light system installed as part of their water filtration system, and it is highly recommended that households that rely on water wells have a UV light system installed as part of their treatment as well.

by Viqua

Trojan Technologies has an amazing reputation in the water treatment industry and has been an industry leader for years. Trojan Technologies recently merged both Sterilight and UV Max together to create one product line called Viqua. Our two most common household UV Systems are the Viqua Model D and Model E for residential applications and the Viqua Pro Series for industrial applications.



Model D4 UV Light System

This model is meant for residential use, at a recommended flow rate of 12 gallons per minute. The D4 is a compact unit that can easily be retrofitted into your current water supply or plumbed into a new home.

Disinfection rates for model D4

  • 16ml/cm² @ 23 GPM (87 lpm) (5.2 m²/hr)
  • 30ml/cm² @ 12 GPM (45 lpm) (2.7 m²/hr) *ideal
  • 40ml/cm² @ 9 GPM (34 lpm) (2 m²/hr)



Model E4 UV Light System

The E4 model is another residential home system, only this model is intended for higher water flow levels. The E4 model is longer than the D4 model allowing for more contact time with the UV light thus allowing for water to pass through at a faster pace while maintaining the disinfection numbers.

Disinfection rates for model E4

  • 16ml/cm² @ 42 GPM (160 lpm) (9.6 m²/hr)
  • 30ml/cm² @ 22 GPM (83 lpm) (5 m²/hr) *ideal
  • 40ml/cm² @ 16 GPM (60 lpm) (3.6 m²/hr)



IHS22-D4 & IHS22-E4 – Integrated Home System

The IHS22-D4 System combines a UV light with 2 filter housings. The filter housings are designed to remove particles and discolouration from the water so that the UV light can work more efficiently.

Disinfection rates for model IHS22-D4

  • 30ml/cm² @ 12 GPM (45 lpm)(2.7 m²/hr)
  • 40ml/cm² @ 9 GPM (34 lpm)(2.0 m²/hr)

Disinfection rates for model IHS22-E4

  • 30ml/cm² @ 22 GPM (83 lpm)(5.0 m²/hr)
  • 40ml/cm² @ 16 GPM (60 lpm)(3.6 m²/hr)



Control Box

All UV systems have a control box as a power supply for the UV light. Viqua’s control box for their D4, E4, and IHS models have 2 built-in indicator lights that will inform you if there is a problem with either the control box or the lamp. There is also a numerical display that indicates the amount of life remaining in the UV bulb within the system.

Viqua has many different models available. Whether your need is residential, commercial or municipal Viqua should have a product that suits your needs. For all of Viqua’s available product line please click the following link: Viqua Products



Inline Filters

Whole house water filters are a great way to eliminate minor odours and particles from entering your household plumbing system. These are available in 10″ and 20″ housing sizes, and housing can be clear or solid blue. The filter housings can hold microfiber filters, pleated micron filters or carbon filters, each of which perform a specific duty depending on water quality. The filters are easily changeable and should be changed once a year as recommended or at a frequency determined by water quality.

For more information please click the following link: Big Blue / Big Clear Filters



Reverse Osmosis

It is important to note that all Reverse Osmosis Systems (RO) work the same way and have the same basic components, the only difference in most systems is quality and appearance. Basically, a Reverse Osmosis System uses pressure to force water through a small, extremely condense membrane filter. This filter allows only water to pass through and stops any impurities or contaminants from passing through. The matter that was stopped from passing through the filter is flushed from the system. The end result is pure drinking water. We most commonly install Duro Reverse Osmosis Systems and Waterite Reverse Osmosis Systems.


Duro Reverse Osmosis System


  • 75 gallons per day
  • High quality Reverse Osmosis membrane
  • Pre and post carbon block filtration
  • Sediment pre-filtration
  • Chrome faucet
  • 3 gallon storage tank



Waterite Reverse Osmosis System


  • 75 gallons per day
  • 5 stage Reverse Osmsis and filtration system
  • Pre and post carbon filtration
  • 5 micron sediment pre-filter
  • 3.2 gallon storage tank
  • Heavy duty mount
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